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Description of my roof observatory in the attic of a dwelling house

Here I describe my roof observatory in Kaufering (near Landsberg/Lech, Bavaria, Germany). Many images show the construction phase and additional information about operational experience is given.

observatory with opened roof CAD simulation of movement for a large telescope observatory with closed roof

In 2007 I had the golden opportunity to plan and build an astronomical observatory in a new building. At this point I had saved some money, the available budget is quite crucial smiley . I got the permission to change the drawings for the roof to get a large penning with a sliding roof construction. The ridge of the new house is aligned to East-West direction. The roof inclination is low at 26°, given that I have a small limitation in the line of sight to East and West. The new house doesn't have a chimney, the heating installation is in the neigbouring house. For scheme, construction and installation local companies were assigned. A do-it-youself construction on the roof was out of the question.

Some conditions for a roof observatory:

An observatory nearby has many advantages:

There are some disadvantages:

Images and Reports from construction phase:


Instruments, observations and astrophotography:

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